Curacao Honeymoonin’

May 30, 2017

Today I sat in my office and read emails, worked through some SEO work, and had a few meetings.

It’s a starch contrast from the island life I was living 4 months ago around this time. And, as I sat in my office thinking back to my Curacao memories, I realized I needed to put all of these memories into words that I could look back on years from now, when the memories aren’t so clear and, for anyone looking for a heck of a place to visit this summer.

So, here’s my honeymoon reminiscing.

Zack and I wanted to visit somewhere we had never been before and, more than that, we wanted to go somewhere we had never heard of. This was surprisingly easier to accomplish than we thought. Off the East Coast are tons and tons of tiny Islands that get skipped over by cruise lines and American vacationers, sometimes due to their size and other times due to them lacking modern-day amenities.

Curacoa caught our attention for a number of reasons. While the climate (temperatures of the mid to upper 80’s) was an obvious win, the island is also one of the only remaining Dutch-owned islands in the Caribbean. Therefore the architecture and population are unlike American-owned and influenced islands. Additionally, the island is known for its underwater world. I knew I wanted to venture somewhere I could scuba and see sights I can’t here off the East Coast. From shipwrecks to turtle populated reefs, Curacao was just what we were looking for.

We found and booked our “cottage,” through Homeaway, similar to Airbnb. We were so nervous on the way over thinking our cottage might be non-existent. We were also concerned about safety as the Island is within 500 miles of Venezuela and, at the time, Zika was a prevalent problem there.

Nonetheless, we anticipated this trip more than we ever had (for more reasons than one ;). Following the wedding and the festivities that followed (which I also want to post about in the coming weeks) we stayed in my families basement that night and slept through multiple alarms, almost missing our flight out of Charleston that morning at 7:30.

Our one complaint from the whole trip was Curacao’s airport. Upon landing, we stood in line to enter the country for well over 2 hours. When we finally made it through security and customs, and that whole shebang, our “barefoot concierge,” Angie was waiting for us with our rented car that came with the house.

From there we explored the entire island, from West end to East. We jumped off cliffs and beach hopped until we found Sea turtles. We swam and snorkeled for hours. We tried food from different countries and had Chef Evelien make a meal for us on our porch. We watched the sunset from our outdoor couches and had massages overlooking the ocean.

Of all the parts of the island we ventured to, our favorite was the corner of beach where our cottage sat. Overlooking the ocean, we could watch ships as they disappeared over the horizon and awake with the sunrise. Without hot water and television, it was surely just us and nature. And yet, the private beach below our cottage yielded some of our favorite memories, from swimming with Octopus to listening to the hermit crabs shuffle up and down the beach each night.

Here are some things we learned:

  • Dutch food is not our favorite
  • Ocean-living is definitely for us
  • The Basics: a little Jesus in the morning, a little husband loving at night, that’s all I really need.

Side note: Still to this day, one of our greatest post-wedding arguments took place in that cottage, regarding the necessity for Zack to put the toilet seat down.

We will forever cherish these memories by the sea. We will remember these moments in the quiet when we could reflect on what broughtus to that moment and anticipate what was to come.

Cas Cielo by the Sea, you were definitely the place for me.

Ps. Should anyone reading this decide to take a trip to Curacao, be sure to tell Angie and Don hello for us.

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